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"Ray was incredibly helpful and willing to answer any questions we had for him. He even offered advice on how to make the property more efficient for heating and cooling purposes. We greatly appreciated Ray's enthusiasm for his career, his work ethic, and most of all, his professionalism. The sellers of the home we are buying are including the washer and dryer but we forgot to have Ray test them for proper operation during the initial inspection. However, at our request, Ray did not even hesitate to go back to the home several days later to test them for us. We are very happy with the service that Ray provided and will definitely be referring him to family and friends. Thanks, Ray!"

Michael F.
State College, PA

"Ray was very friendly and personable. He explained things clearly and answered our questions. His report is clear-cut and includes pictures throughout. We are thankful for his thorough inspection."

Take care! -Jennifer
State College, PA



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