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Radon testing

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Every home should be tested based on EPA guidelines. And we can help you with this lengthy process quickly. Davis Home Inspection Llc uses the Radalec E- Perm Radon Testing System that allows for real- time reading and results without going through the lengthy long term lab process that could take weeks. We place the inspection system for a short period of 48 hrs and when we return to retrieve the devices, your results will be given to you on the spot. In addition to the results given, you will also receive a computer – generated report for your records via email. With our fast inspection process and instantaneous results, you can proceed quickly through the necessary steps in protecting your home!

Your World is your home. Your decision to have Davis Home Inspection do your radon testing will help make your world a better and safer place to live. If for a real estate transaction or just for peace of mind, Davis Home Inspection strongly believes in your healthy living environment. The home you live in plays a major role in your well being, so let us help by testing your home for Radon.

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How Radon Enters Your Home!       




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