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Raymond Davis
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Davis Home Inspection is a business designed around educating you, the customer. We want to be your home inspector.  The peace of mind that you'll have for your home is our primary goal.  Your home works as a specialized system, also known as the Building Envelope. Each component plays a role in your comfort, safety and overall health. With a vast array of services that we can provide, you will become very knowledgeable of all of the systems and components of your home. Your world is your home, so let us use our knowledge to help you protect it.

Davis Home Inspection offers several inspection services that helps to preserve your investment. With a Pre-Listing Inspection or a Home Preservation Inspection you will be confident that your home is ready for the sell.  To know that your home is well maintained lessen the risk of any large or unforeseeable maintenance issues. Many unforeseeable issues can hinder the sell process of your home or may cause health problems to you or your loved ones. When you use our services of Inspecting  your home, your world will be a much better place. Contact us with any questions (814) 574 3391.

Services We Offer:
  • Pre-listing home inspections
  • Buyer home inspection
  • Review inspections
  • Town Home inspections
  • Condominium inspections
  • Duplex inspections
  • Home preservation inspections

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